Hannah & Joe Wedding

Hanna and Joe have been together for five years and they were so excited to be married, as was I to shoot their wedding. Their love radiated so vividly to the people present at the wedding in their actions and intentionality. Every detail was so beautifully put together from the individual cabins for each group to get ready in that lined the edge of the venue to the centerpieces consisting of bright greenery potted in heirloom containers. The wedding party itself made up of only family members and soon to be family members, but both the bride and groom had a intimate group of friends abiding with them throughout the day. Seeing the love that surrounded them was absolutely breathtaking, but it was no wonder when observing the way the couple interacted with the people around them. The whole day was an adventure from my stepping on a nail to our taking the first look photos in the exact location where Joe and Hanna became engaged. The adventure wouldn’t have gone quite so swimmingly without brilliance of Pearls & Plaid Eventswho I am so thankful to of worked with. So, finally here are some of the photos I captured of the Nowland wedding day!

  • Hannah Parker said:

    Raluca, these are perfect-- you truly captured us! You are so talented.