Priscilla & Matt Wedding

During the civil rights movement Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reprimanded a news photographer saying  “The world doesn’t know this happened because you didn’t photograph it, I’m not being cold-blooded about it, but it is so much more important for you to take a picture… than for you to be another person joining in the fray.” The photographer tried to physically intervene instead of taking photographs when a posse of white men started shoving children to the ground. King’s words have permanently struck my heart. Although the situations dramatically contrasts, I constantly have those words pop into my mind. They especially came through at this beautiful wedding. From when the day began the sun shone brightly in a cloud speckled sky. It stayed that way through the entire ceremony and not until just after all the guests had been seated to eat their delicious Chipotle dinner (yes you saw correctly, Chipotle catered) did a large dark cloud roll over the tented reception. Rain quickly started pouring and the strong winds tore through the reception. All of the guests quickly jumped to action clearing tables, decor, moving food. It was overwhelming seeing all these loving friends and family members quickly moving to make the best of the reception. Although I’m not normally in situations where I need to capture major political or news events, moments like these are the moments that I realize as much as I want to jump in head first and help, its far more important for me to pick up my camera and use it swiftly to capture the story thats unfolding before my eyes. And this story was most definitely one that I didn’t want to put down my camera for. See for yourself why 🙂

The very talented vendors: